Central Stories Museum and Art Gallery, Alexandra and Otago Polytechnic Central Campus will host a Laser and Printmaking workshop with Chris Fersterer and Lynn Taylor on Sunday 6 December.

This one-day workshop introduces the combination of CNC cutting and etching Laser technology with traditional relief printmaking on a press. Become introduced to using the high-tech precision ability of a Laser Cutter as a tool to cut sheet acrylic, MDF and paper to create printing plates, simple shapes, stencils and more.

Chris Fersterer is a Dunedin based Artist who now practices in architecture and is a lecturer on the Bachelor of Architectural Studies Course. He stated that “the laser has become an integral tool in my teaching and design practice, I use architectural models for understanding space, construction systems and developing concepts.”

Lynn Taylor is a Dunedin printmaker who works across multiple mediums with an emphasis on processes which use light in the making and consider tactility in the outcome, such as artists books. Lynn said “my interests revolve around nautical and mapping themes and my art practice forms a dual path with community environmental SciArt Projects and my role as a technician at the Dunedin School of Art.”

Chris and Lynn recently conducted a model making course for children and the responses reinforced the ability of laser technology to delight, excite and integrate with hands on crafting.

This workshop at Central Stories Museum and Art Gallery, 21 Centennial Avenue, Alexandra on Sunday 6th December from 11am to 4pm, is free of charge and is suitable for the whole family and people of any age.

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