Title: Thursday’s Child

Grahame Sydney one of New Zealand’s significant and enduring artists, will join forces with Annemarie Hope-Cross and Eric Schusser for an artists’ talk which is part of the current exhibition “Thursday’s Child” featuring the works of Annemarie and Eric currently showing at Central Stories Museum and Art Gallery in Alexandra until 31 January.   

This exhibition is a collaborative photographic project between Annemarie Hope-Cross and Eric Schusser. “Thursday’s Child” frames a narrative around cancer that is intensely, intrinsically personal; the images provoke a visceral response in people, tug at memories and unlock the door to countless emotions.

Developed over three years and incorporating two photo books “Still Intrusion” and “Dissolving Margins”, the exhibition speaks of family and home, of self-care and care for others, of roads walked alone but always coming back together. The viewer is encouraged to reflect on the universal experiences and connections that make us who we are. This is a collaboration of very different techniques but with a shared artistic vision that consistently connects with the reality of life in words and metaphor. The exhibition and accompanying books speaks of strength, determination and love.

Annemarie Hope-Cross is an internationally exhibiting historic processes photographic artist. Her exacting labour to mix chemicals and produce images in the manner of one of the founders of photography, William Henry Fox Talbot, has led her to explore specific imagery as she deals with her cancer diagnoses. Haunting images associated with old bottles and referencing the Heidelberg Apotheke as well as medicinal herbs form the body of her work.

Eric Schusser is a photographic artist whose focus includes black and white landscape photography, abstract photography and the telling of stories through the combination of photography and text. In this series, the images and text explore the effects of the diagnosis and treatment on Eric as the primary carer and the places he visited while caring for Annemarie.