For the first time ever, the most complete collection of the artworks of internationally renown artist, Denis Kent has been assembled for an exhibition at Central Stories opening September 5th running to 20th October 2020.
Denis and lavender ladies
Denis and lavender ladies from Retrospective Exhibition

From Central Otago News –

A retrospective of Alexandra artist Denis Kent opens to the public on September 5 at Central Stories Museum and Art Gallery in Centennial Ave.

The exhibition features works from 1968 to 2020 and many pieces are on loan from private owners around the world. Kent has exhibited paintings in the Central Otago Blossom Festival exhibition since 1966 — a record. His 1966 entry Lake Hayes sold for 10 guineas (£10 10 shillings).

“As long as I can remember I have loved drawing,” Kent said.
‘‘When I was 12 years old my teacher recognised that I had a talent for art and drawing and she encouraged me, and one of my school reports from Dunedin North Intermediate states ‘one of the finest art students ever to attend this school’.’’

Celebrating turning 80 this year, Kent is semi-retired and paints commissions and for the Blossom Festival Exhibition. His entry this year is Winter Playground, an oil painting of children playing in the snow in Pioneer Park. It will be the 53rd consecutive year he has exhibited.

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